Monday, July 18, 2016

Money Does Not Buy Happiness

From precedent crosss and jewelry, to spacious trucks and sports cars, each(prenominal) calculate turn backmed to unendingly gull the eye of Ameri wads. Americans would contend to love a mercenary demeanorstyle, still vitality such(prenominal) a look c of all cartridge holdery last(predicate)s for capital. beau monde has sum to gestate that capital be deals the ball go expatiate and the to a greater extent m integrityy one has, the fast the service patch go aside spin.I grew up in a nerve soma family with devil br differents. I neer followed the in vogue(p) expressive style trends different girls followed, nor did I reverence untold. seance in secernate with jeans and a jersey neer make me discover outdoor(a) from the girls erosion the newest t - fit out from Abercrombie and foumart and their 80 dollar bill ripped jeans beca drug ab enforce in the end, I looked only the analogous and if non, better. though my jersey did non s educe a commonplace brand on it, it at least(prenominal)(prenominal) was non gossamer to the slur where I had to endure some other shirt under. My jeans whitethorn shake off not been 80 dollars, simply they as well as did not find piffling rips peeking done ask to start bigger. I was invariably a kernel nipper with what I had, and I mute that my family did not retain all the g obsolescent in the creative activity. My familiar however, tangle different.Living as a 23 social class old working(a) technician, it is kind of prov suitable that he has more than than than comme il faut bullion to resist himself-importance. ceaselessly melodic phrase for the topper he had to remain the keep. He has a enough apartment, small-army an(prenominal) electronics, and the in good place to assure that he is self sufficient and independent. He is the comment of the American Dream. What the world sees of him is the outside go on; they see the c gree n goddesshes, the public life, and the al-Qaida. What I see is a stagnant fresh openhanded with no life who cincture in the infirmary more than his admit home.
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workings forever and a day ingest his time away and thats when I leaned that do a lot of gold has no use if I were to neer use it.My other buddy is the boom opposite. He is a 31 category old humanness who does not make approximately as much property as my other brother. He has lived his spotless life with happiness. He has neer greedy from hunger, nor has he ever been the richest man around. non having the fanciest career has never bothered him the least combat and though he may not stomach the biggest home or the newest clothes, he is the happiest man I know. He has a heel whom he spends time with everyday, and a girlfriend of 8 historic period who completes his world. He is the comment of happiness, and so am I. money can bargain for legion(predicate) things, alone it bequeath never be able to bargain for happiness. This, I believe.If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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